Employees should never have to wonder “what should I be doing?" Dynamic leaderboards, custom challenges, and timely training modules make strategic priorities unmistakable.


Employees should never be left wondering “how am I doing?" Shorter feedback loops yield an engaged, appreciated, and motivated staff, ready to deliver best in class service.



Fun is serious business. gameFI optimizes engagement and performance by matching employees' skill levels with appropriate challenges. As your staff improves, so do your results.

“7 in 10 American workers are ‘not engaged’ or ‘actively disengaged’ in their work, meaning they are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and less likely to be productive.”
— Gallup, State of the Workforce

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gameFI focuses staff on strategic priorities and drives business results

By delivering fun, engaging, and real-time performance feedback to employees, gameFI helps financial institutions optimize operational efficiency, employee retention, and customer satisfaction. Performance metrics are omnipresent on our one-of-a-kind second-screen experience, making sure that the things you measure get managed.

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Second-screen, top-of-mind

Football stadiums don't hide their scoreboards—why should you? When performance dashboards get buried several clicks under your staff's workstation monitor, you might as well not be keeping score at all. gameFI uses HTML5 responsive design to deliver omnipresent, real-time feedback directly to your front-line staff on the second screen of your choice.


Qualitative feedback matters, too!

Front-line staffers work with managers, peers, and clients. Real-time qualitative feedback makes sure your employees are delivering great service to everyone around them. gameFI helps you recognize and reward employees who excel at serving others.



A trainers favorite companion

You are constantly training staff on policies, procedures, technical knowledge, product features, and countless other information. But are they learning what you're teaching? Stop guessing and start knowing. gameFI delivers fun knowledge assessments in 60-second chunks so you can monitor the efficacy of existing training programs, and make sure your front-line staff is constantly learning and growing.

“Employees should never be left wondering ‘what should I be doing’ or ‘how did I do?’ If you aren’t taking employee engagement seriously, you aren’t taking a ‘sales and service culture’ seriously.”
— Matt Davis, Founder